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May 12, 2011

From berio’s ‘93-’94 norton lectures

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“…the best possible commentary on a symphony is another symphony…”

“…music is everything we listen to with the intent of listening to music…”

May 6, 2011

ignorance and malevolence

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“Ignorance and malevolence are united in a single root; the latter benefits surreptitiously from the advantage it draws from the former. I do not know which is the more hateful. In itself, ignorance is, of course, no crime. …

December 13, 2010

from “liner notes”

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“The new structure required a concentration more demanding than if the technique were that of still photography, which for me is what precise notation had come to imply.”

-Morton Feldman

December 7, 2010

Wolff, on Cage

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Apropos of my post a couple days ago, about Cage’s sound, I want to quote a few lines from Christian Wolff, who’s interview with William Duckworth I’m reading in the latter’s Talking Music:

“John’s music … had nothing to do with …

May 9, 2010

From “Postface to 114 Songs”

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“If [interest in art-making], and everyone has it, is a component of the ordinary life, if it is free primarily to play the part of the, or a, reflex, subconcious-expression, or something of that sort, in relation to some fundamental …