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February 20, 2011

Review of The Fourth Space in Art in America

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My aunt and collaborator, Cecilia Dougherty, just received a wonderful review in Art In America for her installation, The Fourth Space, which was up at Participant last October. My sound installation, Moving Parts, created for the show, gets …

October 31, 2010

my hat’s off

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A friend just pointed out to me an addition that was made to Friday’s post in the City Room blog about my new piece, Standing Water: A Soundmap of the Gowanus Canal.  I knew I couldn’t be the first person …

September 30, 2010

Moving Parts

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Announcing the premiere of:

Moving Parts, a six-channel generative sound installation based on the rhythms and resonances of the built environment.

being presented with The Fourth Space, a video installation by Cecilia Dougherty

October 3 – November 7, at Participant in New …

February 19, 2010

art on music

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These are kinda cool looking.  But I think the scores themselves in many cases are works of art in their own right, and I’m not sure that the artist adds much.  I suppose it’s nice, though, to see the …

July 15, 2009

Algorithmic pattern-seeking?

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(cross posted at cog and sprocket and is it luck?)

My wife does a lot of work with data visualization, in which she extracts patterns and stories from large data sets and represents them visually through graphic design or …

June 26, 2009

some shots from the younger than jesus show

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in my last post i discussed my favorite piece from the younger than jesus exhibit at the new museum for contemporary art.  i snapped some shots of other pieces at the show that struck me.  a few of …

younger than jesus

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on wednesday i finally got around to checking out the younger than jesus show at the new museum for contemporary art.  i’d like to go again, as it’s a big show and i can only really take in so …