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A friend just pointed out to me an addition that was made to Friday’s post in the City Room blog about my new piece, Standing Water: A Soundmap of the Gowanus Canal.  I knew I couldn’t be the first person to create work using the sounds of the Canal, and early in the process of putting the piece together, I even looked around online for precedents, but I came up empty.  Apparently, I’m a substandard googler, as Andy Newman now points out in his post: “Mr. Stevens is not the first sound artist to visit the [Union Street] bridge. An installation, “Gowanus Phonoscope,” at the Hall of the Gowanus mini-museum nearby includes three-dimensional images and sounds from the bridge.”

I am going to head over there next chance I get to check out the installation, but in the meantime, I was able to find another piece by the same artist, Kevin. T. Allen, on his website, a work called Gowanus Over/Under-Water.  Take a listen – it’s really breathtaking.  Makes me realize how much I have to learn about field recording.

Mr. Allen’s site is fabulous.  I love what I’ve listened to so far, and I love his ideas.  Do go and check it out!

posted on 10.31.10  |  category: art, sound art

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